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This print was very recently done for the Greatest Generation Aircraft's A26 restoration team of the GGA A-26A, IF 679, by the renowned Japanese artist, Taichiro Yamashita.  They are signed by Viet Nam vets who flew, armed and maintained the A-26A at NKP, Thailand during the mid to late 1960's.  The print is 1/48 scale, card stock, very limited edition of 10 and signed by 10 vets.  They are suitable for matting and framing.  The cost is $250 per print and includes only shipping and handling.

Here are a couple of A-26K Patch designs we are thinking about.  If you have a preference or want to recommend a change please leave a message on the guestbook page or contact the webmaster.

Click on this drop box link to view a power point display that covers the nose gear restoration.
Click on this drop box link to view a power point display that covers the Empenage restoration.
PAGE UPDATES            10-10-2013

We bid farewell to Ethan Crisp, our youngest A26 volunteer. His family is relocating to the Houston area.  Ethan has plans to join the Civil Air Patrol to continue his aviation education. We wish him all the best and we know that our loss will be the CAP's gain.  Good luck Ethan.

Ethan has a desire to become a pilot. To encourage him, and mark the occasion he was presented by the group with a
Pilot Log Book.   Volunteer members inscribed sentiments of encouragement and farewell good wishes. I gave Ethan his first 1.1 hours of dual instruction in a Cessna 172, this was his first flight in a light aircraft!  Ethan did very well on his first instruction, I am sure he will become a safe pilot. His Grandfather (Dave) rode in the back seat and documented the occasion with pictures.  It was hard to tell which one had the broadest smile.  Ethan please visit us often and sooon!(Webmaster)

May 5, 2012 Reunion of Crew, Volunteers and Family of Special Kay.

Click here to see the most recent flight of SPECIAL KAY.

Photo courtesy of Joe Maynard.

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